Stunning Blue Eye Makeup to Try |Step by Step Tutorial

Time needed: 20 minutes.

What is blue eye makeup? And why is it trending? Many people have fallen in love with eyeshadow that is a dark, smoky silver, in the last year or so. But have you noticed the trend of eye makeup that is one color, but with tiny flecks of another color? It’s not just a one-color show.

Blue eye makeup is a favorite for many women. There are several different shades of blue but each one is unique. You should use blue eye shadow no matter what color your eyes are because it will enhance them. If you have green eyes, then try blue. Amber and hazel eyes look great with shades of blue as well. It can be worn with any eye shape and can also be worn during the day or for special occasions at night. Blue can look good on dark skin tones as well.

Blue eye makeup brings on the appeal and makes you stand out from the crowd. These shades of blue will give your gorgeous eyes an appealing look that is sure to boost up your charisma in front of others. It is best suited for evening makeovers since this color hues looks fabulous at night. Blue eye shadow, blue mascara, blue eyeliner are some of the blue makeup products that you should try once.

Blue eyes are alluring. It is a rare color in humans, which is why you see them used as eye makeup. It’s also considered to be cool and it’s easy to pull off this shade for anyone. If you are looking for blue eye makeup inspiration to try out, let’s pull this off together!


    The first thing you should do after putting your bare eyeshadows in place is to blend with a clean and fluffy blending brush. Start out by applying a light brown shade below the crease as a transition shade from the eye lid to the crease. This gives an illusion of depth by creating shadows that makes it seem that the eye’s shadow is not perfectly flat, but instead has dimension.

    This also helps the darker contour color on the ends of the eye look softer. It is absolutely essential that this layer is blended properly to give a smooth transition between shades.
    Light brown works as a perfect transition color that softens up the darker shade you are going to use later for the outer V area.

    The key here is to use a color that is slightly darker than the previous shade. The difference will be barely visible, but it will make a big difference in the effect of the blue eyeshadow. Apply this color in the inner and outer corners of the lid while blending it outward. Light brown provides a transition shade for your dark blue eyeshadow look.

    transition shade
    Credits @glampinay


    Now that you’ve lined your eyes, it’s time to apply another layer to the outer corner and above the crease. Using a similar technique, dab on a small amount of polish with the makeup brush, then smooth it toward the outer corner using a clean brush. This will create a blended look and soften the line of color on your upper eyelid.

    I suggest starting around your upper lash line and working your way outwards. You can alternatively use a makeup sponge to put on the dark brown shade but you can use your fingers if you’d like.

    You don’t need to cover the entire eyelid in this color but paying attention to where you apply it will enhance the overall look of your blue eye makeup.

    create depth
    Credits @glampinay


    The third step is called ‘packing’. As the name suggests, you will be packing on the blue eye shadow on your lid. Start off with a damp, flat brush and take a small amount of the blue eye shadow with you. Place it on your lids and pat it to make it look smooth.

    The most important part of this look is the eyelid color, so take your time and make sure it is perfect. In this step, pack blue eyeshadow on the lid as shown in the photo. When you’re applying your blue eyeshadow, go for it. Don’t be shy about the amount of color that covers your upper lid.

    Once you are done with the lid, apply a darker blue eyeshadow on the outer V. To begin, take a small angular brush and pack some of the dark blue eyeshadow on the outer corner of your eye. Make sure that you have applied more shadow on the outer corner than the inner one as this will give your eyes an illusion of depth.

    pack eyeshadow
    Credits @glampinay

  4. BLEND

    Before you blend, it’s important to make sure your eyeshadow is set. I don’t go heavy on the spray making sure to just hold the can far away from my face so that no liquid gets in my eyes.

    Now it is time to blend the eyeshadow. Do not rub too hard with your eyeshadow brush over the cream, we are trying to make sure that the eyeshadow blends into itself; not to eliminate all of the blue eyeshadow.

    The blending part of the technique requires a semi-blunt tip brush and patience. I use a fluffy end eyeshadow eyeshadow brush but any other brush with similar density would be fine for this purpose.

    Credits @glampinay


    Eye liner adds a great finishing touch to your eye makeup. Start with the eyeline pencil, because it’s tricky to recreate the shape and color of your eyes if you start with liquid eyeliner. If you have small eyes, you can draw a line that is thicker than the eyes, but make sure that it still looks good on your face. Also make sure that you don’t leave any gaps between the line and your lashes: You will look very strange if you do so since this creates optical illusions. Also make sure that you don’t curl your lashes before applying the eyeliner. This will ruin the effect achieved by makeup and it may give you false lashes instead.

    Eyeliner can make any look more dramatic and stand out. I recommend many of my readers to apply two coats of colored eyeliner on the top lash line, and one coat on the bottom. This will make your eyes appear blue from every angle in pictures as well as videos.

    Always remember to draw the shape of your eye before making it bigger with eyeliner. It should start from the inside corner of your eye, close to your nose, traveling outwards towards the outside. Make sure you have a steady hand while drawing it!

    Credits @glampinay

Here is a video tutorial for you!

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