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Weeaboo style is the ultimate fusion of Japanese street fashion and Western influence. The culture has its origins in 1980s Japan, when anime and manga made an appearance in mainstream pop culture and were a cool, new thing to absorb among fans and teenagers. Since then, the style has evolved in many ways, following different trends as it spread around the globe.

This style is about helping you achieve that look of a high school Japanese anime nerd. It’s all about the shades and hair, the dresses and tights, the cat ears and sailor uniforms to help you look so very trendy when you head out to your next conventions. It is also a rising trend amongst teenage girls who aspire to wear the outfits worn by characters in their favorite anime series.

Dressing up as a beloved anime character is not only a lot of fun, but it is also a feeling of empowerment, as they can transform into someone else and tap into an entirely new persona that is completely different from their normal selves. It is exactly this concept of not limiting oneself to one cultural identity that makes weeaboo outfits so appealing to young women today.

It is quite difficult to properly define the style, as it has many different parts all contributing to creating an authentic looking appearance. I will break down each of the parts that make up a weeaboo outfit so you know what goes into creating an authentic looking look.

1. Anime Hoodie

Let’s face it, we live in a modern world where classic anime designs are everywhere. Your favorite black hoodie has become a staple in fashion statements. But there’s more to our passion for anime than simply wearing the clothing from our favorite anime. There is also the trend in anime fashion that blends with Western outfits. Anime clothing can inspire you to make your own trendy weeaboo outfits.

An anime hoodie is what happens when sweet and edgy collide. For this step put on your anime hoodie because this is where all the magic happens.

My advice is to just put on your favorite black anime hoodie or if you don’t have one yet then just get that first. This will become your signature outfit, so you want to pick something comfortable and reliable that you can count on every day. It’ll become your security blanket; it will show that you care more about your aesthetic than you do about the opinions of others.

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2. Pleated Skirt

If you’re looking for ways to improve your daily outfits, but also want to be as cute as possible, then the first thing you need to know is that all of your outfits should contain a black pleated skirt.

According to Japanese fashion culture, wearing a pleated skirt with a solid plain colored top is extremely cute. So if you’re aiming to be both cute and trendy this season, then it’s time to grab that trusty black pleated skirt from your closet and throw on the matching top.

You can go for a skirt goes to about thigh level and tapers towards the bottom. There are also those with waist bands (utilizing either plain belts or contrasting colored ribbons).

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3. Accessories

Outfits for me, were really about the layering aspect. Honestly, how would you even tell what an outfit was without accessories?

Therefore, if you want to style for a weeaboo put on as many accessories as humanly possible. You want your weeaboo outfit to be easy, so I recommend pastel colors and glittery accessories.

You can wear a necklace or a choker, maybe an accessory-like cellphone strap, and some rings (blades too if you like). The randomness is okay because that’s what gives the outfit its special touch. Experiment with a lot of colors and results are guaranteed to be impressive!

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4. Customized Anime Sneakers

If you want to dress like a weeaboo, you should not leave out the most important item: Your shoes! Weeaboo outfits are all about subtlety; it’s never about standing out from the crowd.

Anyone can put on a blue wig and grab a sword but that’s not how you do it right. The same goes for putting on your favorite customized anime sneakers, you want to do it subtly so other people see them as normal shoes until they see your outfit from a far or notice your socks are suspiciously similar to that of an anime character.

Anime sneakers may be the defining footwear trend of the decade. Inspired by high-top Converse, old-school basketball shoes and knock-off Vans, these heavily customized kicks are all about detailed screen printing and awesome patterns. They’re perfect for cosplayers and fashion lovers alike!

credits @mmivia

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