Summer Skincare Essentials: Products You Need for Summer Glow-up

I love the summer for all the warm sunshine and outdoor activities, but my face doesn’t always love it. In fact, summers are when my facial skin is at its most vulnerable thanks to exposure to harsh sunlight and humidity. While I protect my skin from external aggressors year-round, I do make a special effort during the warmer months to ensure I’m using skincare products that effectively help counter the effects heat and sweat have on my face.

So it’s the middle of summer and you want to look your best at the beach & pool parties. Or maybe you just like to look good walking around in 80-degree weather! (I mean, who doesn’t like that?) Well, I’m going to give you my personal Summer Skincare Essentials. These are products that I’ve been using for years for a glowy, healthy skin texture and appearance.

1. Lumify Eye Drops

You’re probably thinking “Ugh, what a pain in the eyes. I can hardly see anything!” Well, kinda and you could also say it’s “a pain in the eyes” during summer because of all the bright sun and light around you.

You can whiten your eyes with Lumify Eye Drops, which is specially formulated to whiten your eyes even faster and easier than with other eye drops.

The good news is that Lumify Eye Drops is specially formulated to work fast while having a natural effect on your eye color – meaning you instantly gain more confidence. Plus they do not contain any harmful ingredients and are convenient to use.

2. Differin Gel

Acne and acne scars during summer vacation? The last thing you need.

You don’t want to be the person who is covered in thick makeup, but still breaks out from acne. You might also think it’s just a personal problem – but it isn’t.

Get even, clear skin with Differin Gel at this time of year when your immune system is weakened. We have a solution which will work in clearing dark spots, acne scars and controlling your breakout for longer than other treatment options. Here’s how Differin Gel helps you get beautiful skin even during summer break.

3. Arc Teeth Whitening Pen

The delicate skin of your lips is subjected to sun exposure during summer, causing dryness and irritation.

Arc Teeth Whitening Pen gives you the means to whiten teeth effectively without exposing lips to harsh chemicals.

Brightening your smile has never been easier. Arc is an innovative teeth whitening pen that works without the pain and mess of toothpastes and messy strips. Enjoy a non-toxic, effective way to whiten teeth already this summer!

4. Burts Bee’s Squezy Balm

Lips are very sensitive, especially in summer. Changing weather conditions can leave lips dry, chapped or cracked.

Women crave hydration during this time and don’t want to look like they put make up on.

Burrs Bee’s Squezy Balm is the perfect lip product that moisturizes your lips and adds color to your lips. It has a sweet and creamy texture, which gives you soft lips and makes you look natural.
Burts Bee’s Squezy Balm is available in 5 different colors that stay for hours without smudging or transferring. Watermelon is my favorite. Burts Bee’s products do not contain any harmful chemicals or additives making them safe for long-term use.

5. Nyx Skin Veil

Tired of dry, dehydrated skin that still looks sunburnt in the summer?

Nyx Skin Veil is one simple solution to quickly alleviate any concerns about getting flawless skin throughout summer. Swollen pores and pimples are not only painful; they can also give you little to no confidence, making you think twice about leaving the house.

Get smooth, satin skin this summer with NYX Skin Veil. It contains unique formulation that glides on the skin like a veil to diminish the appearance of fine lines and pores, leaving your complexion looking flawless. At the same time, it has sunscreen to protect your skin from summer’s harmful UV rays so you can look beautiful in any light.

6. Sol De Janeiro Body Fragrance

Too much sun exposure, outdoor activities, and sweating during the summer months leave skin itchy and irritated. Smelly, too.

That’s why I recommend Sol De Janeiro Body Fragrance for ideal skin during summer activities. Ocean and coconut-based formulas make skin soft with sea minerals from Dead Sea plants, shea butter and antioxidants that also calm redness from sunburns.

Set yourself up for a summer full of carefree tropical looks by spraying on your hair, clothes and lingerie for that lingering scent of pistachio caramel. Hey, those piña coladas aren’t going to order themselves!

7. Boric Acid Suppository

So hot it makes you want to scream. Your pH is all wonky, your vagina won’t stop smelling like vaginas do and all your friends are at the beach.

Unless you take care of your pH, summer can be rough on your personal area. Summer can be exhausting, and you are sure going to need a vacation after a long, hot summer. Your vagina will too.

The Boric Acid Suppository is an all-natural tool created by women for women that brings harmony back to your vaginal bacteria, boosts immune response and balances pH levels.
Solution: Discover how to spice up your summer with this amazing product that lets you enjoy your vacation without worrying about hygiene or odors.

8. Femallay Vaginal Wellness Suppository

Summer is approximately 4 months with 80% of adult women suffering from vaginal discomfort.

Summer is also the time when your skin becomes exposed to high levels of pollution, sweat, and a change in weather conditions – the perfect environment for Vaginal atypical bacteria and fungi to multiply resulting in infections like – Candida (thrush); Bacterial (Bacterial Vaginosis, Yeast (Creamy white cheesy discharge that may or may not have a strong, foul odor).

Femallay Vaginal Wellness Suppository will help restore and reupholster vaginal comfort while naturally cleansing and sealing your vagina.

9. Vitamin E Oil

What’s summer without getting a few sunburns? If only there was a way to protect your skin from the sun while still enjoying the great outdoors…

Of course, there is. Vitamin E oil. To nourish and hydrate your skin, it needs moisture and antioxidants. Luckily enough, Vitamin E Oil helps with just that. Vitamin E Oil effectively makes skin soft and healthy unlike other cheap oils that only hydrate thereby making skin loose its firmness.

Vitamin E helps to nourish, hydrate and rejuvenate your skin. Add this amazing oil to your summer skincare routine for healthy, glowing summer skin! Get your hands on some vitamin E oil. Not many people know about this fantastic solution to maintaining healthy, beautiful skin during summer.

10. Revlon Blow Out Hair

Who doesn’t want gorgeous volume and brilliant shine for the summer? Yet, using cheap sun-in or slathering on your regular conditioner won’t cut it. You are after super-glamorous hair. Your hair deserves more.

Revlon Blow Out Hair is here to help you create gorgeous volume and brilliant shine in seconds – so you get beach ready without needing the sand! Revlon Blow Out delivers salon-perfect volume and brilliant shine without the frizz or flock associated with products containing formaldehyde. It will give you a professional blow dry look!

Now you can get gorgeous volume with brilliant shine during summer! Revlon Blow Out Hair will keep your hair looking bold and beautiful all day long. It harnesses the power of Revlon Professional’s unique high-performance technology so you can enjoy bouncy, shiny and voluminous tresses. Revlon Blow Out Hair makes it easy to get gorgeous, tousled, beach waves that shine – even during those scorching hot days. With an innovative roller brush technology and thermal-reactive rollers, it creates beautiful waves that last for hours – even in humidity.

11. Batiste Volumizing Dry Shampoo

Finding a good dry shampoo that will absorb oil on summer’s hot days can be extremely difficult. Your hair can’t cope with the heat of the summer. It’s thick, lush and dull, and it doesn’t smell fresh. What is your best bet?

You just want hair that is cool, fresh and great during the summer, add some volume and bounce back into action!

You need to try this product whether it is for a special night out on the town or for soothing your thick winter hair back into shape. Regardless of your hair type, you’ll love how you look after using it. Unlike many other brands, Batiste Volumizing Dry Shampoo gives your hair actual volume instead of leaving it feeling like cotton candy or a helmet. Batiste dry shampoo is the perfect quick fix for greasy roots, and gives you great volume too!

12. Face Razors

Introducing Face Razors – a new and exciting skincare product that has both acne clearing properties, hair removal and can exfoliate your skin with just one use.

When summer comes around, people want their skin to look its best. That means removing all the blackheads to give your face a beautiful, fresh look.

Use this face razors during summer to keep your face clear of acne and scars. You can also use disposable face razors to quickly shave the hair on your legs, arms or bikini line. Single-use razors give you smooth skin while avoiding the pain and cost/mess that comes with shaving.
By keeping your skin perfectly smooth you’ll be free to enjoy your summer without worrying about the cost or pain that comes with shaving.

13. Bye Bye Bloat

As the weather warms up, a slew of unwelcome beach and swimming related problems can make enjoying warmer days a bit uncomfortable!

After having a nice swim in the sea. What’s next? A cooling drink? A refreshing burger? Unfortunately not. The bloating starts.

Goodbye stomach upsets – hello summer fun! Bye bye bloat is all natural, contains no artificial flavors or colors and helps get rid of bloating and gas naturally. Bye bye bloat tablets offer a quick and natural way to get rid of excess gas in stomach as well as help reduce bloating during those hot summer days and beach trips.

14. Sun Bum Hair Lightener

If you want to have a brighter and blonder sun-kissed look this summer, full of playfulness and happiness, ditch your dull unattractive hair, and get a sun-kissed, beachy look in minutes.

You can help your hair get a bit more attention with Sun bum hair lightener. Sun bum is the first-ever, at-home, natural-looking hair lightening experience that amplifies the sun’s effects during summer. With sun bum hair lightener, you can have naturally bright hair with summer-perfect hue.

This summer, treat your hair to a free summer suntan-style lift, by adding our lightweight Sun Bum Natural Hair Lightener for instant summer colour -no matter what the weather! Using sun bum hair lightener, you don’t just return your hair to its usual colour. You have a wonder tan that continues throughout the day!

15. Banana Boat Deep Tanning Oil

Skin protection during summer is important, but getting a tan is equally so. Tanning in sun increases the rate of vitamin D production which helps fight against colds and flu.

I am a beach girl, a natural beauty who loves to have fun in the sun. The best part of summer is getting the chance to show off my bikini body in a sexy two-piece!

You’ll be the envy of everyone this summer by looking naturally tan all the time. With Banana Boat Deep Tanning Oil your skin will look firmer and more even as it develops a natural, deep-dark color that lasts for days.

16. Milani Color Statement Lipliner

It’s summer, and you want to wear lip color. But too many options…! And perhaps it’s too hot for lipstick? Or maybe not? The idea of reapplying over and over again is too much to bear.

So what do you do? You don’t wear any color at all? That’s not an option!

Take a statement lip look with you wherever you go with this ultra-chic lipliner that instantly adds a pop of color to your lips. Its creamy formula glides on smoothly without skipping or dragging, and comes in a range of super flattering shades.

17. Cerave 100% Mineral Sunscreen SPF 30

It’s summer and the rising temperature and UV rays means we need protection. Next to avoiding the sun altogether, a thick layer of sunscreen offers great sun protection.

But applying it is a pain. The greasy residue, the acne-inducing chemical smell and the difficulty to rub in deeply on a hot day at the beach.

With Cerave Mineral Sunscreen SPF 30, all our pain points are taken care of! No more greasiness and no more breakouts! The SPF 30 protects your skin so you can focus on… well anything else than applying more sunscreen or worrying about sunburns! Spruce up your skin with the just-launched Cerave Moisturizing Sunscreen for Face and Body this summer. The SPF 30 ingredient is specially blended with soothing ceramides, which adds extra moisture to your skin, helping to shield against damage from sunlight.

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