23+ Trendy Makeup Ideas for Winter to Wear in Any Occasion

We have no choice but to admit that 2020 has been a year full of drastic changes. You also have to admit that it has been months and months of staying at home and probably you have not been wearing makeup a lot. Funny enough, the hottest trend for the year 2020, the face mask, made things a little different. You had to make slight changes on how you did your makeup, this time focusing more on your eye makeup and probably adding some little bit of highlights for definition.

But that does not mean you should stop beating your face the way you normally do. Now is the perfect time for you to wake up from your comfort zone because you need to be ready with The Most Trendy Winter Makeup Looks to Wear in Winter. We are aware that you will have to wear your face mask when you want to hang out with people and that is why you should not miss to check out also these cool eye makeup that we have for you. And if you are having a webcam meeting, you can also do a full face using some of these season’s makeup trends.

#1. Distinctive Layers

@instagram evetteesantoss

Blending bright eye shadows would turn out to be ridiculously stunning so do not be afraid to play around with colors that will make your eyes stand out.

#2. Bright Shades

@instagram matic_anaa

Minimal is great with yellow and green eyelids. Choosing an orange eyeshadow is perfect as it highlights your brow bone. Choosing a lipstick that matches with your eyeshadow would not hurt.

#3. The Glossy Feeling

@instagram beatbytwiggy

This glossy makeup makes things even juicier when everything becomes bold enough. Dark blue eyeshadows with silvery or glittery highlights would be perfect.

#4. The Perfect Lips

@instagram mistralofmilanindia

Bold lipsticks are actually cute and flattering especially when exposed out in the light during the cold weather. With just minimal makeup, a red lipstick would wrap things up.

#5. Monochromatic Taste

@instagram azkuy.makeup

Who said you cannot match your contour with your eye makeup? Matching your makeup at times is definitely the best step you can take to look more stunning.

#6. Stunning Eyebrows

@instagram negarkhoshgoo

You do not need much make up with cute and busy eyebrows. Highlighting your eyebrows with preferred highlighter and then brushing them a little to give a clean messy look is the season’s trend.

#7. Smoky Shades

@instagram sara_pro_makeup

Extended lines look so adorable with smoky eyes. Smoky eyes will continue to be the biggest trend, do not miss trying out your dark eye shadow pallets to achieve this stunning look.

#8. Fluffy Eyes

@instagram nanshyofficial

Perfect shiny highlights will go well with your bright colored outfits. If you are tired of the same old shady looks, try adding some light with even lighter contouring with fluffy eye lashes.

#9. Frosty Shine

@instagram megnic_

Winter would be great with this matching frosty makeup. With darker eyeshadows, try adding some glittery details and silvery highlights.

#10. Pink Rosy Look

@instagram ninelbudnikova

Going pink would not be a bad idea if you want to try something new. A pink blush and a cute pink moisturizing lip gloss would be enough to execute the job.

#11. Glittery Eyes

@instagram belbragabeautyartist

Adding some glitter to your eyes would be perfect with ant type of makeup you choose to wear, whether nude or glam.

#12. Gorgeous Eyeliner

@instagram ttdeye

Do not shy from making your eyeliner look even more stunning and making bold lines. This look would be perfect with little or no makeup.

#13. Cute Freckles

@instagram ttd_eye

Freckles in makeup has now become this season’s trend once again. Do not try to control the placement of your fake freckles to make them look more natural. Focusing on the areas that light naturally hits would help in making everything look natural.

#14. Blue Lines

@instagram joam_makeup

Making cute highlights is not enough without making your lower eye lines even more brighter with cute blue colors. Darker lipsticks and eyeshadows would look great with this makeup.

#15. Minimalistic look

@instagram xhenabeautycorner

You might want to wear or have a fresh makeup look but making highlights to your inner corner of your eyes would make things even fun.

#16. Gray Eyes

@instagram studio.mesbah

We absolutely loved this dramatic eye makeup and we thought it would be perfect for you for the days that you feel you want to stand out. This makeup would be perfect when you are attending evening parties or going out for a date.

#17. White Extensions

@nstagram nadina_joana

We know you have never thought of having white as one of the colors you would wear on your eyes. That is why we chose this glamorous look for you. You can choose your favorite lipstick and to make it a more glossy look, add some lip gloss.

#18. Purple Makeup

@instagram claudiapreduca

Your eye makeup would look complete when you brush your eyelashes with purple mascara. Do not worry because it blends perfectly well.

#19. Winter White

@instagram byvshy

If you feel that all your makeup needs is some highlight, try using a white eyeliner to bring out the beautiful shades in your makeup.

#20. Cozy Blue

@instagram lishalovesmakeup

Having blue makeup would be perfect for winter. Get a little cozy and try warm and cool shades for the season.

#21. Cute Colors

@instagram danii_madera

Get even more creative with your beautiful makeup and try using blue eyeliners and see how the magic works.

#22. Golden Hues

@instagram nyxcosmetics_de

Golden says it all. With glittery golden highlights on your eyes you do not need to spoil the fun adding more.

Grace this winter season with these amazing winter makeup looks. Please share your comments.

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