Today’s Hottest Smoky Eye Makeup: Step by Step Tutorial

Time needed: 10 minutes.

We all love to look amazing. Maybe not all of us, but surely most of us do. How do you know what we are supposed to look like? Well, you can search it on the internet where many professionals share their articles and explanations about certain makeup techniques. Today I’ll talk about smoky eyes and how to get that perfect smoky eye makeup.

The smoky eye makeup has always been a favorite in the beauty industry. What makes it so appealing, however, is its versatility and uniqueness that it can create even for people who have no idea what kind of style they want to portray. Sometimes, all you need for a dramatic look is a well-applied smoky eye makeup. This is because it goes with any attire you have; from something formal to something casual, from light makeups to heavy ones.

The smoky eye makeup is a very effective way in expressing your beauty and enhancing your features. It does not matter what age you are or what style of dress you usually wear. The smoky eye makeup will always work on you whether you are going to the workplace, the evening party, a special date with your boyfriend, or an important family dinner.


    You can use cream makeup for a smoky eye look but to get the best result, you should first apply cream eyeshadow on your lid, crease and lower lash line. To prevent getting a heavy look, you can also apply regular eyeshadow over the cream eyeshadow so it blends well. After that, you can use any color combination of eyeshadow that you want.


    Take a bronzer and run it through the crease area. With the handy application of a bronzer, you can make your eyes look larger and brighter. Bronzers create either very light or very intense shadows depending on where you place them. The two areas that work best to make the eyes appear larger are above the lid and under the eye. When applying under the eye be careful not to go too close to the eye, do not ever touch the eye area with makeup.


    Apply the shimmery eyeshadow on the eyelid. Use a large, fluffy brush to sweep the shadow into every crease and curve on your eyelid, blending away for a seamless effect. Run some of the eyeshadow to your lower lash line to make an intense smoky look. The color makes your eye to look much brighter with the smoky eye.

  4. WING

    Move your color over the crease slightly to emphasize a faux winged-out effect. To get this look, take a slightly darker brown color and brush it all over the crease of the eye. Be sure to blend well. This is a smoky eye makeup tip that works best when you have an already darker colored crease to work with.

  5. POP

    Pop some gold glitter on the center of the eyelid to add some dimension. In addition to providing that magical blend of a dark and light color, this step also gives you a good cover for your eyelid being a different color than your skin.


    Take a black liner and run along your lashes and the lower lash line and wing out slightly with a brown eye pencil to give it a smoky look. Sometimes you’re in the mood for a sweet and subtle look, sometimes you want something bold and wild. Eyeliner is a great way to give your eyes some extra definition.


    In this step do not be afraid to add lots and lots of black mascara on the top and bottom eyelashes. This will make the eyes to stand out. You can also use a dark eye shadow all over the lid as well.


    Finally, with the right concealer go over and clean up your smoky eye for a more brighter and finished look. There you go, you are all glammed up!

Here is a video tutorial for you!

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