Ways to Use Motion to Make Pics More Fun: With A Video Demonstration!

If you’re looking for new ways to spice up your pictures, adding motion is a perfect and easy way to get started right away. This post will show you how to use motion to make pictures more fun. With the tips below, I’ll walk you through all the various ways you can add motion into your photographs.

People want to enjoy seeing photos that catch their attention. Adding subtle animations or transitions to your photo can make your picture more fun and engaging.

When you set up a photo shot you’re faced with countless options for angles, poses, expressions and even backgrounds. The best moments are those that people don’t see coming. This is when taking a still photo can fall flat and lack imagination. You can bring life to your shots by adding motion.

Adding motion to a photo is a great way to use animation and show more of a story. The most important thing to remember is not everything needs to be moving. Take a look at the photos below and then keep reading below to see how you can make your own pics fun with movement!

1. A step

The idea behind this list is to create as many fun concepts. This is where the “step” comes in since it spices things up.

The first step to using motion in photography is to move one step. Or two. Or drag your feet while you step. Okay, you get the idea. Moving some part of your body adds energy to a picture.

This is usually at the step where you take one leg and lift it forward, like taking a step or start with an aerial stance. Without enough practice, you may find yourself in a position that does not look fluid or natural.

The motion of lifting can appear static, without any momentum or flow, no gracefully leading into the next pose.

credits @jera.bean

2. Twist

Let’s keep the ball rolling. To get some bounce in our step, we’ll add a twist with our body. Start with your hands on your hips and let your elbows swing to the left; then double back right. Lift up your right knee (still twisting) and cross it in front of your left knee; that’s one rep. Keep alternating sides!

Twisting the body is a great basis on how to use motion for drawing and painting pictures. If the body stays still, you could draw the lines of the body pretty good. But if the body twists up and down while it swings a baseball bat or mows the lawn, for example, then that creates action in a picture and makes it much more interesting and fun to look at.

To capture a snapshot using motion, try turning your torso into a pivot point and twist off of that to snap your picture. It doesn’t have to be anything too wild or extreme, but you want that pivot point so the camera is aimed at the next subject as you twist toward the next object. If you are taking this portrait with someone else or some other object in the picture, don’t forget to get a full turn and include them in your landscape.

Nothing fancy, just have fun with moving your body while taking the picture. Stomping your cowboy boots on the ground, tilting your head back and laughing at the sky or curling up to a ball while making funny faces are some of my favorites.

credits @jera.bean

3. Tip toe

In this third step, you’re going to take a picture in which you pop up on your toes. Make sure you use your core and smiling is encouraged! This may be difficult for a beginner. If so, try it once more with the rising up and then immediately step into the air and take another snapshot.

When you want to create impact in your pictures, a simple way to do this is to pop up on your toes. Pop your toes in any of these static positions and look at the picture again. Are you able to capture more energy and fun in these pictures? Many people are not able to figure out what makes one pose more interesting than another.

So you’re standing on your toes in order to allow your calves to stretch. Once you’ve achieved this position, hold onto your hands and pull them in towards your toes. This will bring your chest up to a high level. As the picture shows, if you get enough tension in the body and keep a straight line from head-to-toe, it should look like you are standing on an invisible step.

Just like the head tilt, the “pop on your toes” pose forces the viewer to look at the picture from a different angle.

credits @jera.bean

A Video Illustration!

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