Why Are Knotless Box Braids Among the Top Trending Hairstyles This Season?

Knotless box braids are actually one of the most preferred hairstyles that women go for today. You have to believe it when I say that today many women suffer from traction alopecia- a condition that no woman would want to undergo. But is it normal for women to go through this condition? This form of hair loss has become common today such that women are looking for ways to hide the shame of having thin hair. This is one of the reasons why most women would prefer wearing wigs to wearing their natural hair out.

All you need to know is that hair loss is caused by causing too much tension to the hair especially around the scalp area. Well things have now changed because knotless box braids are among the top trending hairstyles this season. Here are some of the reasons why you should try knotless box braids.

Why Knotless Box Braids?

I admit that getting perfectly done knotless box braids usually take pretty much time to be installed. But it is rather you spend more hours with your hair stylist than to spend one or two consecutive sleepless nights and suffer from unwanted hair loss due to tightly installed braids. Knotless box braids are different this time I assure you.

Many of us are used to the traditional knot that is usually at the start of each braid. Knotless box braids are carefully installed by infusing the extension hair to the already weaved natural hair that starts from the scalp. Because of this, your hair grows much healthier and your scalp gets to thrive because of the less tension that is applied.

#1. Jumbo Beauty

Oh yes! Did I forget to mention large partitioned knotless box braids? This hairstyle is ideal for those who want to spend less time sitting down waiting for their hair to get done. As large as they look, they are such a good option for maintaining the length of your hair.

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#2. Color blend

If you are that kind of a person who loves having hair “all over” your head, then these small knotless braids should be your choice. Choosing cool colors for your hair extensions is actually a great idea to try out. Small sections means having more extensions on your head therefore creating a much fuller look.

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#3. Curly Ends

Curly ends create such a cool look to the knotless box braids. If you want this look then you must be ready to spend extra hours in the salon. Anyway this should not discourage you because you could also make the curls by yourself at home. You only need to braid your hair tight at the ends and then dip them into hot water for two to three minutes. Thereafter, undo them and see how the curls make your braids look stunning.

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#4. Tie Up

Knotless box braids are one of the hairstyles that protect your hair from damage. Putting the braids up in a bun is a cute way to enhance the beauty of the knotless box braids. You can choose to lay down your edges for a younger look.

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#5. Length Chaser

Enhancing your beauty would not be that easy with brown extra long knotless box braids. Sometimes choosing extensions that match or seem to be closely matching your skin color is actually a good idea. You do not need to put your hair up because it would only undermine the beauty of the braids.

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#6. Blondie

Go for blonde or gray highlights because these colors are super flattering. Mini knotless box braids are actually cute and maintaining length of the extensions is all that is needed.

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#7. Ombre

The subtle shades in ombre braids is what makes them to look amazing. If you are not ready to put permanent color on your hair then you can choose to experiment with ombre braids. With a variety of colors to choose from, knotless box braids should be your number one styling idea.


#8. Bohemian Love

Most women go for voluminous looks and that is why the bohemian hairstyle has had a drastic trend this season. The hairstyle includes undone ends that makes the hair feel lighter; a great advantage to those who love having longer braids on them. Red knotless box braids are actually mind blowing.

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